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Puglisi Truck solution offers a vast range of services to its customers to satisfy the applications of the buyers. You come near the point sale to discover the offers of Puglisi autoveicoli and to discover all the services offered to the customers.

From Puglisi autoveicoli you will find Assistance pre-sale to choose the correct solution for your activity, our experts they will know how to recommend to you the proper vehicle for you and the accessories of which you have need to develop your job in safety and convenience.

Barter of yours also used for the acquisition of an used guaranteed Puglisi Truck Solution. Connection with the principal financial to get a rapid and convenient financing immediately to bring your acquisition home. Enough is to bring the documents that your income and we start attest the practice to make to get you a financing in rapid and economic way.

Sale of new trucks. near Puglisi Truck Solution it is possible to also choose new trucks with an ample choice of accessories and finishes. Besides Puglisi autoveicoli thanks to conventions with the principal suppliers of services for trucks you/he/she can realize any type of additional preparation. Isothermal vehicles, platforms banks, special structures. Besides it has an ample store you reciprocate for offering a punctual and precise service


Your ideal partner

Puglisi Truck Solution ...a friend always with you to satisfy your working demands. With the trucks Puglisi you can finally sleep calm sleeps for reliability and safety because you can personalize your acquisition entrusting you to experienced hands and friends.

There will be possible to personalize your plans of payment with the support of the principal financial besides. Puglisi autoveicoli is a world of services studied on purpose for you.